About the Museum’s collection

About the Museum's collection

Fund Murom museum has more than 95-thousand and storage units, most of which is a member state of the Museum Fund of the Russian Federation. The main fund of the museum is divided into 24 collections on the basis of storage items from certain materials. In 1989, due to the fact that the most valuable in the collection of the museum are artistic treasures, the museum was named Murom historical-artistic and the profile assigned to the art museums of Russia.

The basis of the museum’s art collection has laid down a collection of graphs AS and PS Uvarov (1825−1844; 1840−1924) of the estate under the Karacharovsky Moore brought to the museum in 1918. At the root of the museum was an academician of painting IS Kulikov. His works, as well as his collection of arts and crafts, came to the museum in 1923, 1942, 1970. Were the original owners of the local lovers of antiques NG Dobrynkin, AF Zhadin and others. Interesting small collection of paintings and decorative arts that belonged to NA Melikov, a former millionaire from Baku, who before his arrest in 1938, he lived in Murom. Works of art came to the museum as part of his confiscated property. Objects of ancient art and the church came to the museum in 1920−1930 gg. Murom from closed churches.

Muromskoye collection of ancient art is one of the most significant and original in central Russia. It harmoniously icons, artware metropolitan and local artists XIV-XIX centuries. «Opening» restorers number Murom icons became a sensation among the experts of ancient art. The museum’s collection is the most valuable icon «Nicholas' end of the first half of XIII XIV centuries., Referring to the rare monuments of art of ancient Russia pre-Mongol period. Among the icons are unique works from local iconography of saints «Peter and Fevronia of Murom,» «Constantine, Michael and Theodore» XVI-XVIII centuries., The signature icon of a local icon painter AI Kazantsev (II half of the first third of the XVII- XVIII centuries.); among the monuments of unique facial sewing covers on the relics of saints in 1593 and 1661. of monuments of religious sculpture stands «Holy Virgin» from the churchyard Gorica XVIII century .; among silverware Moscow, Murom, Suzdal, Yaroslavl and others. masters are unique in the form of «Murom censer» and other products of local silversmiths. Mednolitaya copper plastic (icons, folding, crosses, holy pictures) differs fullness and variety of items XII- XX centuries.

Russian art of the XIX century. It presents paintings and graphic works by Ivanov, Ivan Shishkin, Surikov, V. Polenov, Arkhipova, S. Svyatoslavskogo, Konstantin Korovin and others. An interesting little family picture portrait gallery of the manor Uvarov. These are portraits of SS Uvarova work A. Golikov Alexander I by an unknown artist, MA Naryshkina work Tonchev, PS Uvarova work Rachkova N. et al. Original way a small collection of portraits of the merchant I half of XIX century., Furniture sets, individual pieces of furniture Russian works XVIII-XIX centuries.

Russian art of the late XIX — early XXI centuries. represented mainly pictorial, graphic, applied works of local artists and natives Murom. The most significant among them collections of works and P. Tselebrovsky IS Kulikova, as well as works by MK Levin, VV Serov, NI Kormashova, E. Arhireeva, YI Bezzubova, NN Abramov, IV Sukhov, etc. Are stored as works of Vladimir, Moscow and others. Masters in the museum. Among them are works by PP Ossovsky, KN Britova, VG Kokurina, BF Frantsuzova, P. Dika and other interesting collection of Soviet posters, postcards late XIX — XX centuries.; works of Photographers: A. Greenberg, N. Sazhin, SA Spassky, P. Sytnik, S. Skuratov et al.

An important collection of Russian folk arts and crafts: items Traditional Costume central and northern provinces of the meeting I. Kulikov expedition in 1927 the famous Russian ethnographer G. Maslova, ethnographic museum expeditions. Objects Ethnography with embroidery, lace, beaded embroidery and so on. Subjects with carving and painting on wood (northern and central provinces), XVIII-XIX centuries., Metal products Urals, Pavlovian, Batashevs and others. Masters (utensils, locks, candlesticks). Especially worth noting the remarkable collection of popular print XVIII -. The beginning of the XX century, came to the museum from the AF Scrooge, a repressed participant of White Guard mutiny in Murom 1918

Art of Ancient Egypt is represented by bronze statuettes of I millennium BC. «Isis» and «Osiris.» Ancient Art is a collection of terracotta (archaic period) of the PS Assembly Uvarova.

tribal art muroma VII-XI centuries. shown remarkable composite and alloy ornaments made of bronze; archaeological objects and unique Scandinavian buckle in the «animal» style, interesting products from the bone ornaments of the Slavic period, and so forth.

The Art of Western Europe represented in painting and graphics XVI-XIX centuries.

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