Porcelain and earthenware

Porcelain and earthenware

A collection of porcelain and earthenware in Murom Museum evolved throughout its existence has about 500 items.

The most interesting exhibits came to the museum in 1918 from the estate of Uvarov graphs in Karacharovo and in 1938 from the confiscated property of the merchant Melikov, name and patronymic of which, unfortunately, are not known, but judging by the variety of things received from him, he was a good collector. Character Murom meeting is quite diverse, and formed rather than to present the activities of a porcelain production, but as a collection of household items as well as a museum of local history and developed as historical, so the initial task was assigned to the formation of collections showing household characteristics Murom classes.

Quite varied in the collection are the things received by residents of Moore and the area of the former merchants, burghers Murom famous names. In the collection there are a variety of things — tea and coffee pair, teapots, soup tureens, etc., unfortunately, not been preserved entirely dining sets from the estate of Count Uvarov reading «Znamenskoye», produced at the factory in from the Kuznetsov. Dulyovo in the years 1872−1899 and «Karacharovo» produced at Sèvres (?) 1900 (?).

Fragmentarily presented dinner service with the steamer «Kolomna» with the words «Kolomna», produced at the factory in Verbilki Kuznetsov in the early twentieth century. Imperial Porcelain Factory objects are represented in the collection of porcelain, created during the reign of Catherine II, Paul, Alexander I, Nicholas I and Nicholas II.

The earliest work of this production in our collection — porcelain dish reign of Catherine II with a blue cobalt brand came to the museum from Melikov in 1938 and at the latest, produced in 1909 during the reign of Nicholas II — floor vase with painted along the body «Winter Landscape «presented to the museum in 1999 in the village of family klipovoy Arefin Vachsky district of Nizhny Novgorod region. while the purchasing and ethnographic museum expedition.

We present in the collection and works of Gardner factory, dating back to the end of XVIII — early XIX century to the 1890s, new brothers, Kornilov brothers, one of them from the collection of the Counts Uvarov with the brand with color decal and the author’s signature. There is a collection of porcelain western production: France (Sèvres), Germany (Meissen), England (Wedgwood), China XVIII — early XIX century.

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