The collection of ceramics in the museum evolved since its inception, the foundation meeting included items from the collection of Count Uvarov and family Kulikova, most of the items, and has a collection of about four hundred and fifty units, up tiles from the kilns unpreserved Murom houses and folk ceramics.

The collection is constantly updated with items collected during ethnographic museum expeditions. There are in the collection of samples of ceramic craft d. Korovino Melenkovsky Vladimir region, the only surviving currently fishing in the region. Korovino products are widely known not only in the Murom district, but also in the border areas of the Nizhny Novgorod region.

The pearl of the congregation can truly be considered the Corinthian vase — oynohoya (Olpe) VI century. BC, came to the museum in 1918 from the estate Karacharovsky Uvarov graphs. Vase painted with a traditional carpet ornament depicting panthers and black goose-green lacquer and purple.

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