Weapons, equipment

Weapons, equipment

The collection includes several hundred items.

The bulk of the exhibits (nearly half) was transferred to the museum in 1918−1920 from Murom police and KLA. The rest of the items were purchased by the museum from individuals, notably the I.S. Kulikov, N.G. Dobrynkin.

The collection is not systematic and is represented mainly by single specimens cold, remote, fire (military and hunting), offensive, defensive weapons as well as military and hunting equipment XVI-XX centuries.

Melee weapons presented sabers, swords, cutlasses, daggers, spears, hammers, spears, etc. Firearms — wick, and capsular kremenevymi rifles, muskets, Blunderbuss, handmade mortars, rifles, pistols and revolvers of different periods.

The collection includes a gun (XVIII century) and the signal gun (XIX century), cane-gun chetyrehstvolny revolver, submachine gun Shpagin, a machine gun «Maxim».

Because there are military armor chainmail, helmet, misyurka, shields, breastplates. Presented samples of military products manufactured Murom plants in the Great Patriotic War — mines, shells, shell casings, armor plate fragment armored train locomotive «Ilya Muromets», as well as personal items of equipment and soldiers of the Red Army of the Soviet.

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