Book collection

Book collection

Book collection of the museum consists of a collection of manuscripts, early printed books and a collection of rare printed books. Collection of manuscripts beginning of XVI — XX centuries Murom museum consists of 141 storage unit. Start a collection of books was initiated in the 1920s. The first books came from Murom temples and monasteries, and from private collectors (NG Dobrynkin Uvarov and graphs).

The collection includes manuscripts with texts of Scripture, the writings of the Holy Fathers, the lives of saints, liturgical texts and singing manuscript Orthodox and Old Believer churches Synodikon (handwritten and tselnogravirovannye), parish chronicles, chronographs, scribe of the book, medical manual, diaries, manuscripts literary content: a collection of poems, novels, stories, etc.

One of the earliest manuscripts is the life of the saints Zosima and Savvatiy of Solovki turn of the XV — XVI centuries. Among the manuscripts XVI — XVI centuries, it should be noted the following: the two Gospels of the sixteenth century. Gospel «tetras» decorated with colorful illuminations (lost at the beginning of the nineteenth century) and initials; Gospel «Aprakos» with illuminations Balkan ornament; Irmologion XVI with hook notation, designed to draw illuminations and frameworks; Synodicon the sixteenth century from the city’s cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin is decorated with numerous illuminations and the scope of herbal ornament with gold; Synodicon 1697 from Murom Annunciation monastery with drawing illuminations herbal ornament.

A special group of works that make up the so-called «collections of Murom» XVI — XIX centuries, dedicated Murom saints and shrines: St Peter and Fevronia, Saint Prince Constantine, Michael and Theodore, St. Juliana of Lazarevo, St. Basil of Ryazan, Unzhensky and crosses Vilna. Most of them are well-known works of ancient literature XVI — XVII centuries. «Murom collections» and individual story (eg, «A Tale of Juliana of Lazarevo,» «The Tale of Unzhensky cross» and others.) Existed in manuscript tradition in Murom until the mid-nineteenth century, as a kind of «encyclopedia» of local history and life.

Many books have a record clerks, investors and owners, readers litters. A collection of early printed books has 149 copies of Cyrillic printing books XVI — early XX centuries. It is mainly the Moscow edition, including Old Believers knigopechaten Edinoverie and printing houses (XIX — early XX centuries). Presented as the St. Petersburg typography, Kyiv, Lviv, Supraśl, Pochaev, Vilnius, Mogilev). When undoubted predominance of liturgical books, a collection of Murom museum is composed of many books Chetih: the works of St. John Chrysostom, Basil the Great, Ephrem the Syrian, John of the Ladder of Simeon of Polotsk, Dimitry of Rostov, Ioannicius Galyatovskiy, Peter Graves, Nikifor Featskogo, Theophylact of Bulgaria; collections of words and teachings, Prologue, helmsman, textbooks and manuals, legislation (Conciliar The Code 1649 Spiritual Rules).

Significant place in the collection is occupied by the Old Believers publication printing XVIII — early XX century. This is due to the fact that a large part of the population Murom county were examined. The earliest book in the collection is an apostle in 1597, printed in Moscow printer Andronicus Timofeev ignorant in the State Printing House. Apostle 1597 is one of the best editions of the ignorant. It was the first book of Moscow, which specified the circulation, «as printed books still together, a thousand fifty.» 27 specimens preserved of the entire run.

Many books Murom collection are records that provide a wealth of material on the history of the book, on the history of Murom churches and monasteries, and information owners and depositors. A collection of rare printed books has about 4 thousand items. The chronological boundaries of XVII — beginning of XX century. The oldest book in the collection «Phraseological Dictionary Latin» Antonio Soon in Latin. Published in Cologne in 1573. It comes from a private collection in August Ladraga, bibliophile, head of the library of Count AS Uvarova.

Home collection was in the mid 80-ies of XX century, when thousands of rare books from the library was transferred to the general fund. The basis of the collection consists of books from the estate of the famous archaeologists Karacharovsky Uvarov graphs. Many library books Stamps Murom schools and individuals. The collection includes: Russian works (KHERASKOV, father, Bulgarin, a poet of the serf — F. Slepushkin) and foreign writers (Ovid, Plutarch, Homer et al.); almanacs — a kind of transitional form from books to magazines; children’s literature. The first Russian children’s magazine published by N. Novikov, «Children's Reading for the heart and mind.» Beautifully decorated children’s books of the early twentieth century, books on various branches of knowledge — medicine, physics, chemistry, astronomy, geography, etc. For example, «Journey in various provinces of the Russian Empire» PS Pallas.

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