Acquaintance with Novgorod artists. Painting. Graphic arts

Within the framework of the inter-regional exhibition project «Collection +»

The abundance of historical and cultural monuments of the past centuries in Novgorod the Great, each of which left a significant layer in the history of architecture and art, made most artists who came here after graduating from various art schools in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, Odessa, to become Novgorodians and devote all of their creative life to Great Novgorod.

Collections «Painting» and «Graphics» in the museum collection of the State Museum of Art Culture of the Novgorod land are constantly replenished due to the collection and study of contemporary art of the Novgorod land, creative cooperation with participants in personal and group exhibitions held in the museum, with the heirs of artists who have died.

In the museum collections of paintings of the People’s Artist of Russia DV are collected. Zhuravlyova, Honored Artists of Russia L.P. Novikova, VFTrofimov, AA Varentsova, Yu.I. Erysheva, B.M. Yamanova, members of the Union of Artists of Russia — D.S. Kondratieva, V.S. Ryabova, A.I. Zavyalova, A.S. Mischenko, OA Kuznetsova, V.S. Sakharova, S.M. Sokolova, E.V. Essence and others. Picturesque works relating to the second half of XX — beginning of the XXI century are made in different techniques — oil painting, acrylic and tempera. The collection of the museum is constantly replenished with graphic works of Novgorod artists: People’s Artist of Russia, B.L. Nepomnyashchy, artists S.I. Pustovoitova, TG Pestovoy, G.V. Kizhapkinoy, E.N. Ivanova, N.M. Lokotkova, V.M. Chekhonadsky, O.V. Guseva, S.G. Garbar, A.N. Vasilyeva, A.G. Alentieva and others. Works of graphics are made in different techniques — watercolor, pastel, sanguine, sepia, coal, ink, pencil, etching, linocut.

Novgorod artists love their city and do not cease to transfer its images in their works. Creativity of the artists of Veliky Novgorod — bright, expressive, carrying in itself the philosophy and culture of the people, its character, reflects the power of the Russian spirit, the beauty of the northern nature.

The museum reveals and summarizes the artistic experience accumulated by several generations of masters of various trends of artistic creativity on the Novgorod land.

The information was prepared by V. Fedorova. — the main curator of museum items of the State Museum of Art Culture of Novgorod land.

When using images, be sure to indicate «Images of works from the funds of the State Museum of Art Culture of the Novgorod Land are used.»

01 февраля 2018 г.

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