Lecture about the saints Peter and Fevronia

18 февраля 2020

Welcome to the Museum Wednesday, July 4, in the Exhibition center (Moscow, 13) for the lecture O. A. Sukhova, «Images of saints Peter and Fevronia in ancient art.»

Lecture of the chief research officer of the Museum, the author of popular science books about the saints of Murom, O. A. Sukhova dedicated to the stories of the saints of the spouses of Peter and Fevronia, a cultural phenomenon which as a model of the ideal family is a national treasure of our country.

Saints Peter and Fevronia has long been considered the protectors of the ruling house of Moscow was canonized in 1547. Relying on various historical sources and the latest research, attracting an extensive iconographic material, using the local tradition, the lecture raises a wide range of issues related to Muromskii saints, their place and role in the culture of Ancient Rus and modern Russia.

Waiting for you at 17:00 in the Exhibition center of the Museum (Moskovskaya str., 13).

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