"Will you go to the ball?"

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The tour is dedicated to the history of balls and family celebrations XVIII - XIX centuries. It tells about etiquette, ballroom dresses, entertainment and dancing. Balls were not just dance in the evenings, they gathered "to show themselves and others to see."

Countess Uvarov in his memoirs, "The Past. For a long time past happy days," wrote about the ballroom season 1856-1857 gg .:

"It is winter, and her visits, acquaintances, trips and balls, which at first I was very frightened, but with the noise and glitter of which I soon got used to loved that I got carried away and probably because was on all of them is not the final one. That's what I was required to and to the fact that we are all leaving, very soon not only agreed, but also with many friends, which helped us to have fun just, frankly, without any ulterior motives, but with the sole the thought of fun for fun. On my same share fell more happiness It belongs to a family in which seniors as a particularly lovingly treated its younger members, for whom watched, admired their success in the world, which-when they made comments, sometimes teased, meeting at balls were always affectionate to us the word and not just sat during a mazurka, or cotillion behind, not being afraid to be unpleasant to me and to frighten off my beau. "

Conducted balls and Murom - in the Noble Assembly, a girls' school, social club.