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Ancient Muromskaya land - is the realm of legends and tales. Moore is known to everyone as the birthplace of the epic Ilya Muromets, the main Russian epic hero. Moore - the birthplace of Vladimir Zworykin, who invented the miracle of the XX century - television. In Murom was born the tradition of an ideal for couples - Prince Peter and Fevronia peasant. The Trinity Monastery rest of their power. The Life of Peter and Fevronia of Murom resembles themes of fairy tales. You will learn about the history, myths, legends, shrines, monasteries and temples of Murom; visit the museum.

Meeting tourists in the museum:

- Greeting hero Ilya Muromets and beauty with Kalach.

- Treat Murom up.

- An interactive program "Dedication to the heroes."

Sightseeing in Murom History and Art Museum. 1 Acad. hour.

The choice of excursions in the expositions of the Art Gallery, the Exhibition Centre.

Visit the art salon "Under the arches."

Bus tour of the city - 5 Acad. hour (if with a dip in the source in Karacharovo -. 6 Acad hour). Visiting Trinity, the Annunciation and the Spassky Monastery, Murom old historic center, waterfront Oka, monuments to Peter and Fevronia, Ilya Muromets; Karacharovo trip to the home of Elijah Murom.

Programs receiving tourists in Murom can be designed for 1 or 2 days. The museum has more than a group of 30 people divided into two.

For reservations, please negotiate the price further. Application in writing. Prepayment - 100%.