On a visit to Ilya Muromets


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Moore is known to everyone as the birthplace of the epic hero Ilya Muromets. We invite you to make a trip to the ancient Murom ground in the realm of tales and legends.

reception program:

- Bus city tour. 4 Acad. hour (if with a dip in the source in Karacharovo -. 5 hour Acad.). In Karacharovo homeland Ilya Muromets: Temple Guria, Samonas and Aviv, holy spring, swimming pool; scenic views of the historic landscapes, Zaoksky given. In Murom: Savior Transfiguration and the Annunciation Monastery, the embankment of the river Oka, Oka Park, a monument to Ilya Muromets; Trinity Monastery, where the relics of St. Prince Peter and Fevronia of Murom; monument to Peter and Fevronia, a monument to the inventor Zvorykina television.

Sightseeing in Murom History and Art Museum. 1 Acad. hour. The choice of excursions in the expositions of the Art Gallery, the Exhibition Centre. Visit the art salon "Under the arches."

Meeting tourists in the museum:

- Greeting hero Ilya Muromets and beauty with Kalach.

- An interactive program "Dedication to the heroes."

- Treat Murom up.

- The performance of the club of historical reconstruction (boevki, trying on costumes).

Programs receiving tourists in Murom can be designed for 1 or 2 days. The museum has more than a group of 30 people divided into two.

For reservations, please negotiate the price further. Application in writing. Prepayment - 100%.