In ancient Murom to Peter and Fevronia


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In Murom was born the legend of the perfect couples ̶ Prince Peter and Fevronia peasant. The Saints are the patrons of marriage, and it is believed that the treatment for them, worshiping them relics brings peace and joy in family life contributes to the birth of children.

reception program:

- Bus city tour. 4 Acad. hours. Visit Trinity Monastery, where the relics of the saints, the Holy Transfiguration Monastery, the three monuments to Peter and Fevronia, and other places associated with their memory, as well as monuments of Ilya Muromets, the inventor of television Zvorykina and many others. al.

Sightseeing in Murom History and Art Museum. 1 Acad. hour. The choice of excursions in the expositions of the Art Gallery, the Exhibition Centre. Visit the art salon "Under the arches."

Meeting tourists in the museum: a greeting with Belles Kalach. Refreshments Murom up.

Programs receiving tourists in Murom can be designed for 1 or 2 days. The museum has more than a group of 30 people divided into two.

For reservations, please negotiate the price further. Application in writing. Prepayment - 100%.