Sentimental journey

In 2016 the «Sentimental Journey» project became the winner of the XIII grant competition of museum projects «The Changing Museum in a Changing World» of the V. Potanin Charitable Foundation in the nomination «Museum and Local Community».

The nomination was chosen the most suitable: in the absence of an archive in the city, the museum is perhaps the only place where materials about the life of citizens accumulate. But the information stored in the museum is far from complete. Despite the historical value of the evidence of everyday life, they are often not preserved in official archives and are irretrievably abandoned. Therefore, if we want to keep materials about our city and its residents, then it is possible to do this only together, by combining efforts and home archives. This task is especially important for the museum on the eve of the restoration and opening of its oldest building, where it is necessary to create expositions on the history of Murom. As a result of the project «Sentimental Journey» in May 2017, the museum will open an exhibition that will show Murom XIX-XXI centuries. Through the prism of the memories of its inhabitants. The tour will complement the exhibition, which will continue on the streets of Murom.

We invite you to become participants of the project and share with the museum the stories that happened to you, your family and friends in Murom. All the photographs and documents the museum collects in digital form, so you will not have to part with your family archives.

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28 декабря 2016

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Anna Gorskaya Curator of the project

The «Sentimental Journey» project is a logical continuation of the projects of the museum of past years: «Murom's Photo-chronicle» (2006), «Provincial Memoirs» (2008), «Personal History» (2014), during which museums collected stories And memories of citizens, family archives.