Photochronicle of Murom

The project was implemented with the support of grants from the President of the Russian Federation (2006, 2008).

Currently, the archive contains about 11 000 images! Thus there is a unique photo fund of family household photography, a kind of photo album of the city community. The historical section of the «everyday life» of an ordinary city is visualized, in which, as in a drop of water, the history of Russia was reflected. It is important to note that there are no examples of creating such a photo archive either in our country or abroad.

On the basis of this electronic photo archive, the Murom Museum created a number of exhibitions that were exhibited not only in the museum exhibition center, but in city institutions (children's polyclinics, administration, shopping center). A significant part of the photos can be seen on our website, which is gradually replenished. Especially popular among residents are small thematic photo exhibitions, which are published on the pages of the newspaper «New Province».

Materials of the project are published on the museum’s website in the Collections-online section as part of a scientific archive.

28 декабря 2016

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Tatyana Kupryashina Curator of the project

Evgenia Sazonova Curator of the project

The essence of the project is the creation of an electronic photo archive on the basis of family and private collections. The chosen method of collecting photographic images — scanning and returning to the owners of family relics — found support among many citizens, and in terms of the scope of participants became a people’s project.