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In 2014 the project became the winner of the XI grant competition of museum projects «The Changing Museum in a Changing World» of the V. Potanin Charitable Foundation in the nomination «Museum Studies».

The project «Personal History» is a story about how museum collections arise, and what are the things important for preserving the historical memory of things and the emotional experiences of the citizens associated with them.

The Murom Museum was opened in 1919 thanks to the efforts of the project’s heroes, the Murom lovers of antiquity: the academician Ivan Semenovich Kulikov, the merchant Alexei Fyodorovich Zhadin, the land surveyor Nikolai Gavrilovich Dobrynkin, the mayor Ivan Petrovich Myazdrykov. The collection of the museum was based on their diverse collections: weapons, lubkov, ethnography, church antiquities, archeology, arts and crafts, herbaria.

During the project, museum staff examined the records (old inventory books, income books, acts of permanent storage) and restored the composition of personal meetings. A catalog of collections on the museum’s website www. museum-murom.ru is being prepared for publication. As part of the items from them got to other institutions, we hope that the electronic catalog will become a resource for gathering information about the full composition of meetings.

One of the tasks of the project was to study the archives of collectors, to learn their personal history. A great help in this was the descendants of the gatherers: relatives of AF Zhadin Marina Kazankova, Natalia Vladimirovna Nasonova, Olga Andreevna Lisitsyna; Grandson IS Kulikova Alexei Nikolaevich Bespalov. Thanks to the materials transferred to them, the life stories of the founders of the museum were supplemented with new details.

The project «Personal History» — not only about the history of collections, but also about the history of the city and townspeople. Together with the partner of the project — the Education Department of the Moore County Administration — the museum in the 2014−2015 school year implemented an educational career guidance program for activists of the city’s school museums. The result of a series of classes held in the museum’s expositions and storage facilities was the jointly created exhibition «Personal History. Twentieth Century».

28 декабря 2016

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Anna A. Gorskaya Curator of the project

The project is dedicated to the study of the personal collections of the foundation of the museum: academician Ivan Kulikov, mayor Pyotr Myazdrykov, local historian Nikolai Dobrynkin, merchant Alexei Zhadin. Items from their collections are listed in various museum funds and have never been presented in full. Within the framework of the project, the collection is published in the «Collections-online» section of the museum’s website.

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