Volunteer shift

18 февраля 2020

In full swing at the Museum is volunteer shift.

Our helpers — students of 8−10 classes of the city: no 16, 19 and Lyceum № 1. They work in the library sector of the Department of foundations and research files. Their first impressions.

Daria Guseva

«For me, working in the Museum — fascinating, informative and interesting. Recently, I wanted to get acquainted with the staff, true experts in their field, and exhibits such a wonderful place. Although many assume that the Museum organization is fairly boring, tedious, I was able to learn and feel how this misconception is far from the truth. Was she, contrary to my expectations, not blow the dust off of the exhibits, and from the most that neither is the active and creative work!»

Catherine Comasina

«Museum institution for collecting and storing important items. When the first day came to the Museum, I thought we will work only with computers and books, as we’re students. And in fact we work not only with computers but also with important exhibits. To work in the Museum — very informative, as we see documents that are only available in one copy. I love working in the Museum, because my expectations were not only justified, but was better. This was facilitated by the attitude of staff and atmosphere, which I like».

Daria Krakowska

«This year is practice in high school, I went to volunteer at the Murom Museum of history and art and not just about it has not regretted. Of course a little worried about what awaits me, what will I do if I can handle the work, but coming here, I realized that all the doubts and worries were in vain. I was in a place where there are different vintage pieces: posters, slogans, books and other. Loved the decor and how warm and friendly we were received by researchers of the Museum. My job is to capture the paper documents and input them to the computer. This is actually a very interesting job. In the process of shooting, I saw the slogans, posters and flyers of past centuries that really impressed me. Unfortunately, next year I will finish school and will not be able to get back here, but would gladly come back again».

Eve Cohen and Anastasia Auroa

«Recently, we, the student MBOU «school № 19», become volunteers in the Murom Museum of history and art. In connection with the relocation of the archive to another building, we were asked to help during the summer holidays, which we refused. Agree, almost any job in a Museum is always interesting! You can learn so many new things about your small town!

Our mentors and research staff of the Museum is to tell and show us how is the accounting of Museum values; learn to assess the condition of various documents, and describe them. In addition, to embed in the digital archives we take pictures of posters, slogans, posters, and the announcement of the first half of the twentieth century, which were printed by a local printing house. To ensure that all documents remain in one piece, we will work with gloves on, because every printed source provides a great value for the study of the history of our city. For example, in the text of different posters and slogans you can find interesting information about activities and events that occurred on a specific day or month in the past.

I want to say that this work was very interesting and informative. We come to each new work day, where the time at work flies very quietly and where to miss it once!»

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