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An evening of memories at a new exhibition

31 August in the Exhibition centre of the Murom Museum opened the exhibition dedicated to the memory of well-known Murom artists Michael Levin and Aleksandra Mukhacheva.

This event was not like a formal event. In the hall of the Museum were people who knew the authors of the paintings in the new exhibition, including relatives, friends and just good friends.

Throughout the evening they reminisced about the talented painters, told interesting and funny stories from their life interesting and exciting described their habits and traits. Guests gathered at the opening, was fascinated by the stories of Museum staff O. A. Sukhova, A. A. Sirotinsky and one of the disciples of M. K. Levin — E. L. Krotov.

In their memories, the artists presented to the visitors of the exhibition not only as a master of painting, but as a personality, endowed with charisma and an unusual view of the world.

We invite you to get acquainted with the work of Michael Levin in the Museum Wednesday, September 12, at the lecture chief scientist ostruznica Museum O. A. Sukhova.

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01 сентября 2018

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