The history of the Museum

Murom museum was created in 1918 as the local region and the Museum was opened to the public January 1st, 1919 in the house of merchants Zworykin on Nikolskaya Street (today's street May Day). At the core of his collection are collections of members of the scientific community and the Murom Mug Naturalists.

House Zworykin, 1950s.

Circle of Naturalists (1912-1918 biennium).

The circle was organized in Murom Real School in January 1912 on the initiative of Vladimir Ivanovich Meanie (1896-1974), the future professor hydrobiologist and first director of the museum.

In August 1918, the head of the Department of National Education and .L. Pronin instructed VI Cormorant organization of the local region of the museum and 25 August 1918, at first it was allocated appropriations.

Circle of Naturalists in the Real School. In the center - Vladimir Zhadin. 1912

Scientific Society (1917-1918).

Muromskoye Scientific Society was organized in January 1917. He was elected Chairman Mayor IP Myazdrikov - a keen photographer, observer of the climate and the collector of the herbarium, his deputy V. Voschinin. In addition to them in the society were Muromsky Bishop Mitrofan, marshal of nobility AS Bryukhov, chairman of the county rural council YI Bychkov, VN Dobrynkin son of collector and local historian NG Dobrynkin, director of secondary school II Smirnov, collectors AF Zhadin and NP Andrin, the future mayor KN Gladkov Murom and other lovers of antiquities.

Ivan Myazddrikov. Beginning of the twentieth century.

Because of belonging to the members of society antiquities museum exposition was formed, is located a few classes a real school. Places to display the entire collection at the school was not enough, and the public have been several attempts to find him a more suitable premises: negotiated with the city library board, but to no avail

At the end of April 1918 the position of the public museum was complicated - the room of the Real. school, where he was placed, was requisitioned by the Supreme military Council, moved to Moore. It was decided not to close the museum permanently and rearrange the two sealed cabinet with exhibits in the hall.

Real school. Beginning of the twentieth century.

The big blow to the scientific community and the museum created by it has caused an unsuccessful White Guard uprising, which took place on 8-9 July 1918 in Murom, Rybinsk and Yaroslavl. One of the active members of the society the merchant AF Zhadin was accused of involvement in the organization of the uprising and the wanted list, and executed in 1920. Were compromised by other members of society. In October 1918, the Scientific Society has transferred his collection to the newly created Museum.

Science and Art Society was established in late 1918, Scientific Society ceased its work, instead, under the auspices of the Department of Public Education at the beginning of 1919, when Museum. former Murom scientific society members included in its composition, and some of them became members of the city museum (IP Myazdrikov, VN Dobrynkin, Andrin NP).

Alexei Fedorovich Zhadin. 1900-1910.

New Chairman of the scientific community began to VI Zhadin, and his deputy was elected IS Mamchenko. In a society acted four sections: natural sciences, statistics and economic, Section of History, Archaeology and Ethnography Section of Fine Arts under the direction of academician of painting antiques and collector JS Kulikova.

The museum staff have done a lot to preserve the historical and cultural heritage. They petitioned for the rescue of valuable collections of Count Uvarov left the owners of the estate in the village Karacharovo under Moore. December 6, 1918 was signed the act of transfer of part of the collection.

9 September 1919 Academician IS painting Kulikov headed the newly created county subdivision for the protection of monuments and art. Besides him in the subdivision were the museum staff and concerned citizens: VN Dobrynkin, AV Don, VA Voschinin and VD Kiselev.

Ivan Semyonovich Kulikov. 1923

Since 1935, the local region transformed into a museum Murom History Museum.

In the period from 1974 to 1988. The museum is Muromsky branch State United Vladimir-Suzdal Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve.

In 1989, Murom Branch transformed into an independent Murom History and Art Museum.

January 1, 2007 municipal cultural institution "Murom History and art Museum" was taken into state ownership of the Vladimir region. It became the legal successor of the State Institution of Culture Vladimir region "Murom History and Art Museum».

From 1 January 2009, the museum was given the status of especially valuable objects of cultural heritage of the Vladimir region.

House Zworykin. 2014